About Us


Itai Livne has been making films for 22 years. He is the owner and the Creative & Content Manager for Films-for-a-Change

Many years of experience, both in business (working with hundreds of companies of all types and sizes) and in film making (16 years of creating TV commercials), enables Itai to understand the needs of your company or organization; what is the best way to get the message across, how to connect to potential customers, how to present your business or product, and most importantly, how to create the company’s or the product’s “story” and evoke an emotional experience with the viewer and create the desired call-for-action

All this experience and these capabilities are offered to every Films-for-a-Change customer, no matter how large or small. They manifest themselves uniquely in every project, according customers’ needs

Among our clients: Startups and technology companies from medical, security, cyber and energy fields

Companies include: Elbit Straus, YNET, Shlomo Sixt, Clalit Mushlam, Danya Cebus, Shikun & Binui, Shahal, Opticana, Tel-Aviv University, The Ministry of Development for the Negev & Galilee, Israel Police Force,  Israel Prison Service, Ministry of Justice, Bank Hapoalim, Microsoft, and more

We are Films-for-a-Change; a production and creative studio with 22 years of experience, focusing on creating and designing video films, as well as 2 and 3D animation films. We specialize in complex productions of animation films, and various types of video and sound

Commercial films, fund-raising films, product training films, and promotional films for the B2B market

From research, concept formation, story writing, script creation, copywriting, filming or animation creation, and directing… everything happens under one roof, in our Tel-Aviv Studio, on-time and on-budgetWe have an efficient work-flow and a talented and dedicated team of designers, illustrators, video editors, animators and production people. All of whom are creative and focused on our customers so that each customer and every project receive the personal and professional attention they deserve

The DNA of Films-for-a-Change is the DNA of every film we make, because we make sure every project is managed accurately, in a timely manner and on-budget, while reaching its objectives and giving our customers a great return on their investment

Contact us now for production of your commercial film / promotional film / sales film / fund-raising film / training film, and more