How a script turns into a movie?

21 בMay 2019

Every film production process starts first with a good script. Here is a script we wrote for Chakratec. Find out how this script turns into a movie:

Narration Visual & Sound
The electrical vehicle market is growing exponentially. A video of EVs driving fast leaving colorful trail of light.
By 2030, over 100 million EVs are expected to hit the road.


This raises challenging energy, infrastructure and economic issues.


Zoom out, we see the globe full of light dots (symbolizing EVs), multiplying quickly and moving around the continents.

Graphics of an EV icon, with running numbers next to it, from a few hundred thousand to 10 million. As the numbers rise, the light dots (symbolizing the EVs) change their color to the font color of the numbers (green).


Think about this: On-screen text:

Think about this

charging 10 EVs in 10 minutes altogether, requires power infrastructure equivalent to powering a skyscraper!!


infrastructure upgrade which has enormous costs take a long time. To overcome these hurdles, local energy storage is added for grid support of fast charging.

Zoom in to earth to a 3D animation of a charging station (not Chacratec) with 10 vehicles, while next to it a huge high-rise building is growing, pushing it aside.

The station attempts to charge, barely succeeding to charge the vehicle.

The lighting in the building is flashing as if the power is unstable or about to die.

It’s possible, to use chemical batteries, but many charging cycles shorten their life-span and require frequent replacements, making this a  polluting  and costly solution. The high-rise is replaced by a tower of chemical batteries, dripping chemical substances. The tower of battery changes to dollar bills and collapses.
Chakratec is addressing exactly these problems – Introducing an innovative charging technology based on its kinetic battery for unlimited high-power charging and discharging cycles.
A solution that is both sustainable and economic.
Chacratec logo, built on-screen; the rotating element starts behind the money, pushing the remaining bills, while the logo is built on a clean white screen.
Module 1 – BOOST

planning to install fast charging stations but the grid is too weak?  Chakratec’s kinetic power booster connects to any charger and, enables you to do this anywhere you need. The power booster will provide you with at least 3 times the power.

Chacratec’s station gradually appears on screen (conveying modularity), from a single flywheel, like in the first movie, from there to the container to the charging station where we see a weak electrical current entering and a strong current exiting to the car.

A car pulls into the station, is charged and drives off (we see “10 minutes” above it while charging).

Zoom out, we see a network of charging stations with a generic name “Joe’s Charge” or “Chic Chac Charge“, connected through a cloud.

Module 2 – BOOST and CHARGE

location owners planning to set up a high power charging station? Chakratec’s kinetic power charger, containing high-power booster and charger,

is set up within days, without the need of upgrading existing infrastructure.

We follow the low current electric power flowing from the cable on the pole into where the flywheel is located. We see a close up of the flywheel in the station, it becomes semi-transparent, we see the rotation that charges energy, and the energy looks like an electric glow. Near the flywheel we see the text:

20 years of  continuous operation

No compromise of charging/discharging depth

No polluting chemicals




Module 3 – BOOST, CHARGE and OPERATE. Chakratec provides you a complete solution including a BOOSTER CHARGER with MANAGED SERVICE enabling you to set up your own local micro charging network.


A strong electric current exits the flywheel into a vehicle that finishes charging and drives off.

The background of the station changes to an urban background, and in it we see additional stations popping up gradually.

anywhere, any time. Dynamic logo built on-screen with the slogan

Boosting eMobility. Anywhere.




Boosting eMobility – ANYWHERE


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