Production studio for marketing, recruitment, promotional, sales and training videos

Films for a change Production company and one stop shop creative studio with over 22 years experience in video and animation. we create the customers' story and make a video out of itWe are committed to helping our customers achieve their goals through complex productions of videos and animations for various purposes: promotional, fund raising, product training and marketing, in all languages. Need a video
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      • סרט תדמית באנגלית לחברת CANNASOUL מחקר של קנאביס רפואי

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      • סרטון תדמיתי גיוס משקיעים סייבר סקיוריטי

      • סרטון תדמית לבית ספר לאקדמיה הנדסת חומרים בטכניון

    • שלמה סיקסט -סרט תדמית שיווק מוצר ליסינג

    • סרטון הסברה אנימציה לציבור הרחב לקרן המדע cost האירופאית

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אנחנו עושים סרטי תדמית מהסוג שאנשים, עסקים ומשקיעים אוהבים

תהליך עבודה משותף

תחקיר, אפיון ותסריט לסרט

המוצר, המסר, החברה או הרעיון שלכם מורכבים? אנחנו חפרנים שאוהבים לפצח ולפשט דברים מורכבים. את זה אנחנו עושים בשלב האפיון של הקונספט וכתיבת התסריט של הסרט.

יצירת חומרי הגלם לסרט

התסריט אושר? עכשיו אנחנו עוברים לייצור חומרי הגלם שישמשו לבניית הסרט. אם בעיצוב ואנימציה ואם בצילומי וידאו שאנחנו מבצעים בשטח

בניית הסרט

לוקחים את התסריט, את חומרי הגלם שיצרנו, את הקריאטיביות והמומחיות הנדרשות ונכנסים למלאכת הבנייה והאפייה של הסרט כולו.

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Our Clients Say About Us

  • Dear Itay, Hope you are doing well. I wanted to sincerely thank you for a wonderful video that you have produced to NIMD along with your very talented team. We heard so many good reviews from people and I gave many of them your company name. Best Regards

    Anan Copty, PhD Founder and CEO at NIMD Ltd

    לעמוד הפרויקט
  • "(One) of our better videos. Takes a very complex model and simplifies it. Dynamic, fast, with animated film elements that explain and connect it all to the goal of money to humanity – the video gets the job done". "Excellent responsiveness" "Extremely service oriented"

  • "Thank you, we are very pleased" "Our business is challenging to understand and we searched for a tool to explain it in a nutshell – the video does this well" "We uploaded the video onto our website, and use it by sending a link to all business referrals and the responses are really good" "The process was quick, worked good and fast even though the first deadline was not met by us" "We enjoyed working, felt we were heard and encouraged, happy with the outcome"

  • "The promotional video you produced for us was a big attraction at the Frankfurt Trade Show. We returned with many good leads. Thank you!"

  • Hello Itay, Bottom line – your experience gives confidence which projected on me and on the whole process. You took an active and crucial part in the decision making process, instead of leaving me to handle it all alone. You knew when to push forward and bring results. I was happy to see that any schedule is doable and was surprised that we actually made it on a record time of two weeks. Such projects, which was a first for us, require exact price quoting – which we got. This is not found every day. Combining optimism and joy – the whole process was positive and left the door wide open for future collaborations.

  • FilmForChange was the producer of BioCastle SBP animation film which significant promote BioCastle marketing efforts and contribute to the understanding of the company technology The manager of FilmForChange, Mr. Itay Livne, was in personal monitor this project and I must say that he was all time viable and attentive to the client's needs and requests. The product was more than satisfied and the production process was pleasant and excited.

    Dr. Ofir Menashe, CEO, BioCastle Water Technologies Ltd.

    לעמוד הפרויקט
  • I would like to thank you for your endless patience. It paid off, since we ended up with an amazing, professional, impressive and powerful video. Thank you for everything!!!

  • It was very pleasant and interesting to work with you. We love the video and are impressed with your ability to convey such a clear and inventive message in a very short time frame

  • The video is very effective for us, really does the job. Our goal was to impress and enhance our image – we succeeded to come out as a big company. We are looking forward to making the next version.


    לעמוד הפרויקט
  • Films for a change’s team is an incredible one, professional, holds a can-do approach and delivers on a timely manner. Itay took us to a journey – a visual journey in our own technology. He knew the right way to tell our story in the most simple, understandable, engaging way. He made us fall in love with it all over again (: I completely encourage you to enjoy the journey with the team, you become one family – aiming for the same goal and getting there safely with a smile.

  • Our customers

    Our customers have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for their start-ups, they have strengthened and changed their companies' images, expanded markets for their products and enhanced their continuous training practices by using the videos we made for them. We are extremely loyal to our customers. Their goals – are ours, and there is no mountain too high for us to climb for them.

  • Accuracy and creative freedom

    Our pricing proposals are precise and take into account the whole production process, including visual references and deadlines of course – since one cannot run a business without deadlines and we love schedules. Following the official project launch, we send a script for your feedback and remarks – we are extremely accurate and have no need to limit you with rounds so you can rest assured that you receive the most professional, businesslike and creative accuracy.

  • Scheduling and costs

    We create the videos for your business' goals. Need a video super-fast because there is an urgent need? Just say the word – we know how to make excellent videos in 2-3 weeks

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